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About Tui Creek


Tui Creek Wood Products was established in 1998.

We make high quality timber products - made from sustainably sourced Macrocarpa, Oregon and Eucalyptus timbers. We operate from Warkworth and we supply customers throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Because we are online our store is always open.

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Tui Creek Wood Products Ltd ("TCWP" / "We" / "Our" / "Us") will meet its obligations required under New Zealand Consumers Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act.

Australian Customers are covered under Australian Competition and Consumer Act.

All products are sold with the warranty published on each product listing. As a guide only:

  • 5 Years on laminated products
  • 10 Years on chairs, tables and garden products
  • 20 Years on solid kitchen blocks


We also carry a full range of spares and replacement components for all outdoor chairs and tables that are easily unscrewed and changed out.


1. The warranty period is stated on each product listing and commences from the date of purchase.
2. All warranties cover only the timber’s structural integrity, fasteners and any manufacturing defects.

3. Warranty exclusions:
(a) Excludes neglect, misuse, damage and normal wear and tear.
(b) Excludes natural timber movement, checking/cracking and shrinkage. Unlike metal or plastic, timber is a natural fibrous/hydroscopic material and any timber will always have a degree of movement, cracking/checking and colour change over time.
(c) Products that have Danish oil protection require a re-application at least annually.
(d) Tampering or removal of of any product serial or date stamp numbers.
(e) Whilst outdoor chairs and tables are intended for outdoor use, the warranty does not cover deterioration clearly caused by the product having been left exposed indefinitely to sunlight and the weather without using the cover.

4. The PayPal receipt or invoice is your proof of purchase.

5. All warranty claims will be settled by way of either a replacement, repair or refund, and this decision on which is entirely our discretion.

6. Where we supply a replacement, we require that the original product is collected prior to dispatch of the replacement. 
7. We require that the customer prepares the item for return shipping. This can include wrapping and fixing shipping labels.
8. Where we decide to refund the original purchase in lieu of replacement, we will pro-rata the amount refunded with the time remaining under the original warranty period.


9. We are happy to accept product returns for exchange where the customer has changed their mind once they have received the product. However unless pre-agreed with us in writing prior to purchase, we charge a 20% return handling fee, plus the return freight costs. This fee is necessary to cover: 
(a) Warehouse handling and pre-resale quality assurance checks.
(b) or for our carrying the risk for non-inspected product that we arrange to be shipped direct from you to the next customer. 

10. In the unlikely event that our product sales representation is proven to be clearly inaccurate, we will accept the goods for return and provide a full refund including paying the return freight.


11. Product must include all original packaging, tools and assembly instructions.
12. Product must be undamaged.
13. We may require that photographs to be provided to us prior to accepting a product for return or exchange.
14. Prior to issuing a refund, we require confirmation that any goods being returned have been dispatched/collected.


15. We will provide a refund where a customer has changed their mind after purchasing and prior to dispatch:
(a) A refund charge of 5% will apply to any refund (applied to the total sale price including shipping charges) where the refund request is communicated to us immediately after the purchase is made.
(b) A refund charge of 15% will apply to any refund (applied to the total sale price including shipping charges), where the refund request is communicated to us and we have already prepared the product for dispatch and booked the shipping. 

These charges cover our non-refundedable financial, administrative and logistics costs already incurred by us on any sale.

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